I-View offers straightforward solutions

Usage, Attitude and Image

The most commonly used tool adapted to measure brand health and identify standing in the market vis-à-vis competition. It describes the profile of the target market segmented by their demography, geography, psychographics  and other behavioral metrics. 

Retail Audit / Pricing studies

A study of retail shops (a sampling of) to measure and or monitor sales volume, stock levels, effectiveness of promotions and merchandising displays of Client brand and or its competition and document the retail environment.

Industry and Competitive Analysis

An in-depth investigation of industry and competitive landscape which allows Client brand to assess its competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace in order to help them decide on a course of action that will boost their competitive advantage.

Concept / Product Testing/ Name and Logo Testing

Through this study, new ideas can be evaluated by existing and potential market to help Client brand determine the acceptability of a new or improved concept or product. This method provides a direct feedback to an idea or several ideas prior to any product development or launch.

Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Satisfaction study provides Client with a metric that they can use to improve their service and inspire customer loyalty thereby growing their business. It is an indispensable tool that lets Clients identify areas of strengths and areas that need improvement to build, retain and grow the number of their satisfied customers.

Advertising Tracking / Brand health

The study is used to measure and monitor the changes in brand metrics and attitudes over time. This study usually consists of a number of waves/runs to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and its impact toward the brand.

Market Segmentation

Consumers vary in their perspective and attitude toward brands. How they respond to different marketing strategies provide an insight on how potential consumers are divided into segments. The study of dividing a market of potential consumer into groups is called market segmentation.