I-View, Incorporated was organized and incorporated as a research company on June 13, 2002, in Manila, Philippines. Our initial office was on the 5 th floor of the Mondragon Building in Salcedo Village Makati City, Metro Manila. The company moved to its current location at the 10 th floor of Citystate Center Condominium 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, Metro Manila on February 14, 2004. The 160 square-meter office space houses our finance and administration department, data processing and field researchers’ offices, training room, and account services, business development and the executive offices.

As a full service market research organization, we provide not just the basic qualitative and quantitative studies but offer highly customized research programs to reach our business partners’ markets. Knowing that having accurate, reliable, and timely information is the hallmark of sound decision-making process, I-View’s in-depth analysis and interpretation of data and extensive knowledge and understanding of the markets specifically address our clients’ individual information needs.

Over the years, the Agency has developed its reputation and expertise from having dealt with a wide range of clients. We have established a solid domestic client base consisting of the country’s largest corporations, some MNCs operating in the Philippines and a growing partnership with international 3 research agencies. We take pride in our traditional values of forming partnerships with clients in order to provide reliable, timely, and actionable data and offer value-for-money services.

We have assembled an unparalleled group of research professionals with a cumulative market research experience of more than 30 years who are committed to serve our clients to ensure efficient and effective product and service delivery.


I-View is focused to be the premier nationally preferred and recognized research group in the country and the locally preferred research partner of research agencies across the globe. 

We pride ourselves for being a good corporate citizen of the Philippines by continually providing a reliable and stable employment for our staff and for others who are willing to work for the company. I-View constantly looks for ways to create employment opportunities for the many young Filipino men and women who want to carve a career in market research.


I-View strives to provide accurate, timely, cost-efficient and highly reliable market research studies that yield actionable information to help contribute to the success of our partner clients. By ensuring excellent product and service delivery, we develop long term partnerships with our clients. In doing so, we secure a stable employment for our loyal and dedicated staff and researchers.

By ensuring excellent product and service delivery, we develop long term partnerships with our clients. In doing so, we secure a stable employment for our loyal and dedicated staff and researchers.

Core Values Statements


We conduct ourselves in ways that are consistent with the highest ethical standards. We always do right by our partners clients. We respect our local communities and the society at large with whom we make and build connections every day. We make ourselves accountable at all levels.


We stake our name in all the research projects that we develop and implement. We are singularly focused to provide our Clients- not just timely and cost-efficient information, but accurate data that they could bank on to make informed decisions. 


We are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to produce reliable market information and deliver excellent service to our partner clients. We respect everyone we deal with, locally or offshore. We take pride in representing I-View both in the field and in board rooms.


We are committed to achieving our shared goals of accomplishing the highest levels of productivity, excellent service delivery and growth while maintaining a cheerful disposition amidst the organized chaos inherent in our work. Our healthy workplace environment allows us to help one another nurture each other’s skills and talents and develop new ones. We are one happy group and we enjoy what we are doing.